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Microgreens. One of the healthiest foods in the world delivered right to your door.


About Us

We're J&B Farm Fresh. A family farm based out of Hammonton, NJ with one mission: providing the folks of Southern New Jersey with locally grown fresh produce year round.

We specifically focus on growing microgreens, the 40x healthier "micro" versions of everyday vegetable greens.

Our small "direct to community" farm offers quick home delivery of microgreens in South Jersey and surrounding areas. You can also find us at many local farmers markets in the area. Order your microgreens for delivery or farmers market pickup today! 

FREE Delivery! 



Healthy. Accessible. Affordable. 

Microgreens are up to 40X more nutrient-dense than mature greens like Broccoli. They can help...

  • Boost your immune system

  • Lower inflammation

  • Improve gut health


Delicious greens grown organically and sustainably. 

  • Grown from Non-GMO seed from True Leaf Market

  • Organic Fertilizer from Gaia Organics 

  • Packaged in compostable clamshells made with up to 99% plant-based materials and no chemicals

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We Deliver!

Free delivery!

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Hammonton, NJ

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